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Network membership

The FOODSEG 2014+ Network offers two kind of memberships. The FOODSEG 2014+ Network should be as flexible as possible with no buerocracy and highly complicated desicion-making processes. The main aim is to offer professional services to its members. The Network membership advantages are:

  • free of charge participation at the annual FOODSEG Symposium/workshop and H2020 proposal day. 
  • 1 fixed place as project partner in a Horizon 2020 project proposal developed by the FOODSEG management if relevant. 
  • Promotion on the FOODSEG website and during events.

The FOODSEG 2014+ management defined the following kind of memberships:

  • Network membership:
    • € 250 annual membership fee (FOODSEG year is the same as the calender year)
    • special fee for young reserachers and former FOODSEG project partners: € 150 
  • Network and proposal membership:
    • € 450 annual membership fee
    • includes the Network membership advantages, a free participation in one EU H2020 proposal that the FOODSEG management organises and a full H2020 proposal check on your project ideas.

If you want to become a member of the FOODSEG Network then just write an email to Mr. Andreas Moser ( to indicate your interest and he will get back to you with more details.

See the current members via this link.