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Working Group 2: Consumer habit and impact on food safety

WG Leader: Anca Nicolau (UDJG, Romania)

Members: Martin Wagner (vetmeduni, Austria); Gerhard Schiefer (CentMa, Germany); Lars Axelsson, Solveig Langsrud (NOFIMA, Norway); Peter Raspor (UNI-LJ, Slovenia); Bert Pöpping, Carmen Diaz Amigo, Eurofins, Germany.

Main topics for the future:

Creation of an organizational culture of food safety based on human behavior; expected impact: Development of new training schemas for industry personnel to achieve sustainable safe behaviours; improvements in food safety as result of better integration of food science with behavioural science; usage of a systems-based approach to managing food safety risk.

Relevant publicaions of the working Group:

Title: Food safety practices in European TV cooking shows

Authors: Daniela Borda, Miles R. Thomas, Solveig Langsrud, Kathrin Rychli, Kieran Jordan, Joop van der Roest, Anca Ioana Nicolau, Submitted to: British Food Journal, ID: BFJ-12-2013-0367, Status: Admitted for publication/ Open Access ( I do not have yet the cod for Open Access), Publication details: British Food Journal, vol:116, iss:10 (Link to publication)


Nineteen cooking shows broadcast in six European countries were studied for their presentation of a range of hygiene practices during food handling and preparation. Evaluation of cooking practices by food safety professionals highlighted the most frequent safety errors and poor practices that are disseminated by the TV shows. Great variation in the illustration of good practice was found across the shows, with poor practices facilitating cross-contamination from chopping boards and cloths used for wiping hands and surfaces, being noticed. While the repetition of good food handling and cooking practices risks antagonizing viewers, an increase in occasional emphasis of good hygiene would be of benefit to domestic viewers and potentially improve food safety practices among the public. Adherence to food safety standards and introduction of a star rating system for safety practices in TV cooking shows is proposed.