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FOODSEG project results

The FOODSEG FP7 Project has been finalised on 30th of April 2014. The main work has been done within the expert working groups. Here are the main results listed that have been achieved by the FOODSEG working groups.

FOODSEG expert working groups

FOODSEG working groups worked on the identification of the main gaps in research reviewing the respective scientific fields, determination of research needs and, as a result, make qualified propositions for new projects and the development of qualified recommendations to forward to various Stakeholders. The results of the working groups were presented during the three symposia. Please, select relevant working group to find out more.

  1. Food Crisis Management
  2. Consumer habit and impact on food safety
  3. Authenticity
  4. Byproduct and Resource management
  5. Environmental lifestyle and persistence of food - borne pathogens
  6. Using microbial interaction as preventive measure
  7. Antibiotics and vet drugs in food production
  8. Safety of produce
  9. Rapid novel technologies, standardization and harmonization
  10. Advanced food tech and preservation
  11. Mycotoxins and feed safety