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Best practice and projects database

The European Commission wants to strenghten Cooperation in research and innovation in the European Union. The 7th framework programme offers by the way of the coordination and support action a programme to bring business and science together. One aim of the FOODSEG project is to develop an extensive network to state of science.

The FOODSEG project database supports the implementation of the European Research Area through dissemination of research results, stimulation and facilitating the establishment of new project consortia and research projects in HORIZON 2020.

The project database offers several advantages: 

  • Presentation: The profile of your organisation and your ideas are made acquainted all over Europe 
  • Potential: The database facilitates to find new cooperation partners.
  • Promotion: Best practise examples and EU research projects can be presented.

You can search for EC funded projects related to food safety, security, quality but also related to animal health, feed safety and quality. 

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Selection of EU projects

Here are some projects listed where rtd services is involved with relevance to food and feed issues.: