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Activities and services

The FOODSEG Network offers the following services to its members. Non-members are always welcome to the activites but have then to pay a certain fee. The FOODSEG Network does not want to overwhelme the members with services and activities but wants to focus on a few but professional services and actions.

The following services are foreseen:

FOODSEG Symposium/workshop 2017 in Vienna, Austria

rtd services organised the Symposium/proposals workshop. The workshop took place on 14th to 15th of September 2017. Two proposals have been initiated and will be further developed to be submitted in February 2018.

H2020 Proposals

rtd services will develop several H2020 proposals where members are able to participate for free as project partners. Non-members pay 500-1000 Euros to be project partner.

FOODSEG Network Website

The FOODSEG Website will be kept up to date by the Network management and will extend the content on a regular basis. Information on funding possiblities and the promotion of the network members are only some of the main points.

Sign-posting and Advice

The FOODSEG Network members will recieve a service called "sign-posting". If members need a specific contact or expert to talk to or to be included within a reserach project, then the Network management will help with suggesting relevant experts.