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Please, watch our image video to learn about our vision and values.


FOODSEG integrates experts from all steps along the agriculture-feed-food-consumer chain. It is very unique in the area that such a multi- and inter-disciplinary network has been initiated with the main aim to develop and implement cooperative research and innovation projects. 


FOODSEG offers professional and effective services to its members:

  1. Annual FOODSEG Symposium and proposal workshop: members are offered to participate free of charge. Non-Members will be charged a participation fee.  Next FOODSEG Symposium 2017 will be held in Vienna, Austria.
  2. H2020 Proposal Participation: members get a fixed place in a H2020 proposal in the respective year.  Non-members have to pay extra to be project partner.
  3. FOODSEG Website: promotion of the network members and their expertise, regular Information on funding opportunities along the feed-food chain, safety and quality, dissemination of results from EU funded projects through the FOODSEG database. 


FOODSEG mainly focuses on bringing people together in order to initiate cooperations, technology and know-how transfer and common research and innovation projects. It is also a platform to disseminate results from EU-funded and other projects.