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Presentations at the 4th FOODSEG Symposium

Interdisciplinary approach of the emergence in Italy: the case of Hepatitis A in soft fruits by Dario de Medici, ISS, Italy. - download presentation

The ambiguous role of zinc in the pig - Evidence / Science / Industry by Jürgen Zentek, FUB, Germany. - download presentation

Alternative Funding sources - ERASMUS+ by Rainer Svacinka, double-s, Austria. - download presentation

Microbiological and bio-toxicological contaminants in seafood for the international trade by Elisabetta Suffredini, ISS, Italy and Quang Hoa Le, Hanoi University of Science and Technology and Food Technology, Vietnam. - download presentation

Food-borne zoonoses: new tools for risk assessment along global food chains by Bernd Appel, BfR, Germany. - download presentation

Project Session I: Agriculture, Plant Health, Animal Health & Welfare

Project ECO-FCE: by Niamh O´Connell, QUB, UK. - download presentation

Project Ruminomics: by Cledwyn Thomas, EAAP, Italy. - download presentation

Project Animal Change/Solid: by Cledwyn Tomas, EAAP, Italy. - download presentation

Project EU-PLF: by Rebecca Neilson, EAAP, Italy. - download presentation

Mycotoxin occurrence in feed and EU authorised detoxification approaches by Gerd Schaftzmayr, BIOMIN, Austria. - download presentation

New inhibitor of Botulinum Toxins and Bont-producing Clostridia by Fabrizio Anniballi, ISS, Italy. - download presentation

Project Session II: Food Safety, Pathogens, Authentication, Security Issues, Feed Safety.

Project SPICED: by Anneluise Mader, BfR, Germany. - download presentation

Project SNIFFER: by Christoph Czerwenka, AGES, Austria. - download presentation

Project TDS Exposure and LIFE-Persuaded: by Alberto Mantovani, ISS, Italy. - download presentation

Project Proteinsect: by Geert Bruggeman, NS, Belgium. - download presentation

Project Session III: Consumers, Risk Management, Globalization, Support

Project PROMISE: by Kathrin Rychli, vetmeduni, Austria. - download presentation

Projct e-H@C HUPAction: by Inga Selig, Elisabet Fey, Germany. - download presentation 

Photos of the 4th FOODSEG Symposium