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Open debate on important topics of food safety and quality in the future

An open debate and discussion workshop on the definition of future research and science topics in food safety and quality and to support the establishment of workprogrammes for HORIZON 2020

Date: 26th February 2013, 13:00 – 17:00

During this half day workshop which was held in cooperation with the workshop “Horizon 2020 – Your Research Priorities on the European Research Agenda” representatives from the EU-funded network FOODSEG presented the results of the FOODSEG network´s working groups. 35 organisations with excellence in food, feed, animal sciences formed 11 working groups on selected topics that have an impact on food safety and quality. Based on an analysis of the current state-of-the-art, the main gaps in research and science were discussed within the groups with the aim to fill these gaps with new ideas and topics in research.
FOODSEG therefore organized open debates and discussions on relevant topics to food safety and quality in order to get input on the FOODSEG ideas from different stakeholders. The future topics are of relevance for the future in consideration of the upcoming framework programme for research and innovation “HORIZON 2020”.
Together with the workshop on HORIZON 2020, FOODSEG will use the results of this workshop in order to promote these topics to the European Commission, EFSA, Technology platforms and others.
Experts and Scientists (Jürgen Zentek, Dario de Medici, Kieran Jordan, Marianne Halberg-Larsen, Bert Pöpping, Geert Bruggeman, Gerhard Schleining, Peter Raspor) of the FOODSEG consortium were available at this workshop to point out current results and strategies of the FOODSEG project and discussed the future of food safety and quality science with you. The 40 participants got the chance to discuss relevant topics regarding potential projects in HORIZON 2020.
The workshop was organized by RTD Services and FOODSEG. It was chaired by Andreas Moser and Markus Lyson.